Jangho Creation Group Co., Ltd

Warm Congratulations to the Completion and Opening of Changsha Fuxing World Financial Center


Changsha Fuxing World Financial Center, an iconic urban complex built by South Central Branch of Jangho Curtain Wall has been completed and delivered for operation a few days ago and a grand opening ceremony is held on Oct. 27.
▲ Scene of the opening ceremony
Located at the northeast corner of the crossing of Furong Road and Xiangya Road in Kaifu District, Changsha, the Project involves a seven-floor shopping mall and three super high-rise office buildings in Phase I, with gross building area and total curtain wall area of approximately 500 thousand and 86 thousand square meters respectively. The main forms of curtain wall include unitized curtain wall, framed glass curtain wall and single aluminum sheet curtain wall.
The Project presented high difficulty of construction due to its complex profile, especially the framed curtain wall of podium whose special-shaped surface proposes high requirements for field installation. All members of the Project Department of Jangho Curtain Wall have worked overtime and even stayed overnight, thus ensuring smooth completion of the Project on schedule.


After completion, Fuxing World Financial Center will add a beautiful landscape to Changsha and improve the brand popularity of Jangho Curtain Wall, achieving a win-win situation. The Project Management Team of Jangho Curtain Wall will stay true to its original mission, be strict with itself with higher standard, adhere to the enterprise tenet of “make the customer more satisfied” and make arduous efforts to improve the living environment of human. 
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