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Performance Mockup Unit (PMU) of Kunming Hang Lung Plaza Project Passes the Tests by both Chinese and American Standard Methods


Kunming Hang Lung Plaza, a new urban complex integrating shopping, finance, business, accommodation and other functions, will become a beautiful landscape of Kunming after completion. The Project covers an area of 56 thousand square meters. As for the podium to be used as shopping mall built by the Southwest Branch of Jangho Curtain Wall, the total curtain wall area is approximately 87 thousand square meters. The main forms of curtain wall include unitized stone curtain wall, aluminum sheet curtain wall, aluminum alloy shutter curtain wall, glass frame curtain wall, full glass curtain wall and photovoltaic curtain wall. The complex shape and stringent design requirements put forward new challenge to us in terms of curtain wall design, material processing and construction. Through months of endeavor, a substantial progress is finally achieved, “four properties” of 3 curtain wall systems having passed the tests by both Chinese and American Standard methods.
\PMU01 is a full glass curtain wall system of the show window of the Project, with a single glass rib 10m high and 350cm wide to withstand wind pressure of up to wind pressure, and very high requirement is proposed on the hole processing accuracy of glass rib. PMU02 is a point-supported full glass curtain wall of the main entrance of the Project. The curtain wall inclines outward with great installation difficulty and if installed improperly, may seriously impact overall appearance and normal use of the building and even cause safety accident; so installation of the framed curtain wall is the key and difficult pint of the Project. A sample with a total area of up to 120 square meters (7.5m x 16m) is selected for test. PMU03 is a framed glass curtain wall system of the Project and the difficult point lies on thermal cycling test. Each sample has to pass 23 test items by both Chinese and American Standard methods, bringing forward higher requirements on design, processing and installation.
For this, Jangho Curtain Wall integrated the resources of all departments, and puts strict control on various links from processing and transportation of raw materials to on-site construction. In addition, targeted process methods were adopted to surmount multiple technical difficulties, which make it possible to pass the tests in one time; as a result, the air tightness, water tightness, wind load resistance and plane deformation resistance tests were passed once off, receiving unanimous praise from the General Contractor, the Consultant and the Owner of the Project, and laying a solid foundation for full-scale construction of the next phase of the Project. 
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