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New Landmark of Yinchuan—Shihe Tianxi International Center Project is Perfectly Completed


After 15 months of intensive construction, the curtain wall and floodlighting engineering of Yinchuan Shihe Tianxi International Center Project smoothly passed the completion acceptance on Jul. 28, 2017. Jangho Curtain Wall and Ningxia Shihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., a famous real estate enterprise in Ningxia, have jointly created a high-end boutique project of curtain wall at the foot of Helan Mountain in Northwest China.

Located at the cross of Beijing Road and North Fenghuang Street in Yinchuan City, Yinchuan Shihe Tianxi International Center is a landmark building and a beautiful landscape, adding charm to this city.
The curtain wall area of the Project is over 67 thousand square meters and the forms of curtain wall include framed curtain wall, single aluminum sheet curtain wall, stone curtain wall, metallic shutter, aluminum alloy door and window, steel-structure glass roof and single aluminum sheet canopy. Alternation of multiple curtain wall forms is the key and difficult point for the control and construction of the Project. The closure at the junction of carious curtain forms is so designed as to facilitate on-site construction and waterproof measures and for special positions, material collection is carried out after field investigation of design personnel, thus preventing omission of any material and incomplete closure.

The Tower A was required to be equipped with inclined curved glass curtain at the west and south facades, leading to another construction difficulty for the Project, i.e., how to splice the profile and built the curtain into a diamond shape. . Before the construction, the project team, design team, material purchasing team and production team made a careful study, and decided to implement quality control level by level on various links from accurate setting out to processing of curved glass and profile with splice angle of greater than 135°. The accurate setting out before design and order placement, the strict control of processing precision of various materials and the unique numbering of each material provides a strong guarantee for the accuracy of on-site assembly.
Winter visits Yinchuan in Nov. 2016 and the Project entered a critical construction period. Over 200 workers spare no effect to speed up the progress of curtain wall construction, coating construction, lighting construction and lighting ceiling steel structure construction on site, erected protective shed for 21 floors of 160m-high Tower A and completed the enclosure for construction of 26,000m2 curtain wall of Tower A within two months,. This effort ensures the substantial completion of the construction of 26,000m2 curtain wall of tower building and podium before the Spring Festival and shows once again the strong strength of Jangho. 

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