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Jangho Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. Wins Bid for the Project of Podium Exterior Decoration Curtain Wall in Block D, Huaguoyuan, Guiyang


Southwest Region Branch of Jangho Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. has made new progress as it recently won the bid for the Project of Podium Exterior Decoration Curtain Wall in Block D, Huaguoyuan, Guiyang. The company will endeavor to build it into a high quality project for Guiyang.
\The project is located in Block D of the Guiyang Huaguoyuan Project, which is situated in the Huaguoyuan CBD. Shaped like a dolphin jumping out of water, the project illustrates the harmony between nature and modern art, and, upon its completion, it will become a new landmark building in the Huaguoyuan CBD.
This project covers an area of around 215,000 square meters, with the area of curtain wall being around 70,000 square meters. The curtain wall is mainly in the form of such systems as full glass curtain wall, facade aluminium plate curtain wall, roofing aluminium plate curtain wall, honeycomb aluminium plate ceiling curtain wall and glass daylighting roof. The building’s facade is fabricated from glass and aluminium plates, and measures are adopted to minimize the arrangement of separate compartments to reduce the impact of the keel of curtain wall on permeability. The facade aluminium plate curtain wall is made of a large amount of oversized plates, and oversized single-bend aluminium plates are used at the corners; the roofing aluminium plate is double-bend arc aluminium plate, the nose of dolphin is fabricated from double-bend arc glass, and steel structure serves as the support system. The use of a large amount of curved plates not only lays a solid foundation for realizing the dolphin-shaped design, but also presents great challenges to the design and construction of the project.
Acceptance of the bid is the result of the thoughtful service, unity and hard work of Jangho Curtain Wall’s talented team. More importantly, it shows that the owner fully endorses the brand of Jangho Curtain Wall. Bearing its responsibility and mission in mind, Jangho Curtain Wall will devote its full energy to building a high quality project and live up to its commitment of gaining “Higher Satisfaction from Clients”!
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