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Construction of Curtain Wall of Qiantan Center Office Building, a New Landmark Building in Qiantan, Shanghai, is Commenced Officially


On August 30, 2017, the first unit of curtain wall was successfully installed for the office building on 25-02 land parcel of the 280m-high Qiantan Center, which is a new landmark building of Qiantan. The opening ceremony was attended by Manager Zhou Xiang and Manager Chu Feng of Shanghai Qiantan Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Jing Dianmin and Li Changyu of Shanghai Jangho Curtain Wall, as well as persons in charge of the general contractor, management company, supervisor and other relevant units.
\Witnessed by all parties concerned, the installation of the first unit of curtain wall was completed smoothly, which signaled the commencement of curtain wall construction for 25-02 office building of Qiantan Center. And this moment was a milestone in the construction of Qiantan Center. Construction of the curtain wall project is expected to be completed at the end of 2018. The office building, once completed, will become the highest building in the Qiantan International Business Zone.
Bird’s eye view.
\Located in Sanlin Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, the Qiantan Center Project was developed with the investment of Shanghai Qiantan Industrial Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Lujiazui Development (Group) Company. It covers an area of about 190,000 square meters, with the area of curtain wall being about 57,000 square meters and the height of building being 280m. Its main curtain wall system is unit glass curtain wall.
The commencement of project construction means greater challenges for the company. Guided by the principle of “delivering the best performance for the reputation of brand”, Jangho Curtain Wall’s Qiantan Center 25-02 Project Department will pursue “well-planned management and coordinated operation” as its core task, and leverage its strengths to build a high quality project. Jangho Curtain Wall is convinced that the project will be a great success and help Qiantan Center become a new signature building in Shanghai.
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