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Changzhou Zeming Eye Hospital is Opened!


          On October 28 2017, which coincides with the Double Ninth Festival on Chinese lunar calendar, Changzhou Zeming Eye hospital, a subsidiary of Jangho Group, was opened amid the golden autumn! The opening ceremony was attended by Fang Guoqiang, Deputy Mayor of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government, Zhu Baisong, Director of Changzhou Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning, He Haiping, Deputy Head of the People’s Government of Changzhou Zhonglou District, Liu Zaiwang, Chairman of Jangho Group, Huang Xiaofan, Chairman of Nanjing Zeming Hospital Management Co., Ltd., and other leaders and distinguished guests from all sectors.

Located in No.5 Meizhuang Road, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City, Changzhou Zeming Eye Hospital is a secondary eye hospital which was built with the investment of Nanjing Zeming in 2016. At the opening ceremony, Chairman Liu Zaiwang said:

“As a subsidiary of Australia’s largest and world-leading eye hospital Vision, Changzhou Zeming Eye Hospital will leverage Vision’s advanced medical technology, service and management philosophy to provide patients with eye diseases in the city and beyond with high-quality, efficient, safe and convenient medical services including cataract and refractive surgeries.”

Changzhou Zeming Eye Hospital has also introduced Changzhou’s first Zeiss VisuMax femtosecond laser system, Optovue Angiography OCT and other premium ophthalmic equipment.


Professor Guan Huaijin, the director of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Ophthalmology and famous ophthalmologist at the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, also delivered congratulatory remarks in the opening ceremony. He hoped Changzhou Zeming Eye Hospital will stay true to its original aspiration, be committed to delivering benefits to people by curing eye diseases, try to develop itself into a professional eye hospital with first-class environment, technology, service and talent pool at an early date, and strive to improve the health of people in Changzhou and the Yangtze River Delta Region.

After the opening ceremony, Huang Xiaofan, Chairman of Nanjing Zeming Hospital Management Co., Ltd. and Hang Feifei, Director of Changzhou Zeming Eye Hospital accompanied the leaders and distinguished guests in visiting the hospital’s facilities. After the visit, famous ophthalmologists from across the country attended a symposium on ophthalmology at the hospital’s lecture hall, discussing the academic issues at the forefront of ophthalmology and sharing the latest achievements of medical research.

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