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Streams Converge into River of Jangho which Surges ahead in Large Waves——Nanjing Zeming signs Acquisition Agreement with Jingjiang Guangming


On May 8, Jangho Group made new progress in the field of ophthalmology, as its controlled subsidiary Nanjing Zeming Hospital Management Co., Ltd. and natural person shareholder Qi Honglian entered into an equity transfer agreement in Nanjing to acquire the latter’s 60% share of Jingjiang Guangming Eye Hospital. The signing ceremony was attended by Liu Zaiwang and Xu Xingli, respectively Chairman and CEO of Jangho Group, and other leaders of the group, and Huang Xiaofan and Chen Qingyang, respectively Chairman and General Manager of Nanjing Zeming, Qi Honglian, Director of Jingjiang Guangming Eye Hospital and other personnel concerned.
Established in 2011, Jingjing Guangming Eye Hospital is a modern secondary hospital providing eye care services. The hospital enjoys advanced medical equipment and facilities, complete departments, great medical and technical strengths, and a large number of experts. Since its establishment, it has been committed to putting people first and providing patients with convenient, efficient, safe and reassuring top-class ophthalmological services. Keeping such mission in mind, it has helped a large number of patients regain vision and health. And thus it enjoys good reputation and influence in Central Jiangsu.
As a new member of the big family of Jangho Group, Jingjiang Guangming Eye Hospital will leverage the capital, technology, talent, management and brand strengths of Jangho and Nanjing Zeming to further promote resources utilization, business integration and process optimization, and build new platforms and new mechanisms for development to achieve leapfrog development.
This acquisition will not only further promote Jangho’s efforts to build a domestic network of eye hospitals in the Yangtze River Delta Region, but also speed up the coordinated development of Australia’s world-leading eye hospital Vision and domestic regional brands. In the future, Jangho will adopt multiple measures to support Nanjing Zeming’s efforts to quickly expand its coverage in the region, as Jangho is intended to build Zeming into a leading opthalmological brand in the region in 3-5 years.
Streams converge into the river of Jangho which will surge ahead in great waves. As Jangho grows stronger, more and more streams will converge into the river of Jangho. With an open, inclusive and surging momentum, Jangho is now leading huge waves in the field of heathcare.
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