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Zeming Contributes to Eye Protection and Myopia Prevention


June 6 was the 22nd National Eye-Care Day. This year’s theme is to protect eyes and prevent myopia. To further raise the public awareness of how to use eyes in a reasonable way, prevent ametropia and improve the vision health of teenagers, Fuyang Zeming Eye Hospital held a free clinic activity at Fuyang Institute of Technology.
Five medical persons from Fuyang Zeming Eye Hospital visited the school with professional examination equipment, optometry units, tools for maintaining glasses and materials for the promotion of the National Eye Care Day, and provided over 300 students with free eye disease consultations and examinations such as eye test, slit-lamp examination, computer optometry, mydriasis examination, fundus examination, non-contact tonometer examination and blood pressure and glucose tests. They also provided the students with free optometry and glasses repair and cleaning services, and distributed eye care materials to help students foster stronger awareness of myopia prevention and control and master the approach to scientific use of eyes.
This free clinic activity was successful and achieved its expected purpose, with young students developing stronger awareness of eye care and protection and understanding the importance of protecting eyes and preventing myopia.
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